7 extraordinary steps to a fulfilling and loving relationship

7 extraordinary steps to a fulfilling and loving relationship

NATALIA KALENOVA has learnt techniques of spiritual healing , intuitive healing, energy work and psychology in the UK, from Joe Dispenza in the US, and in Russia from the Institute of Innovative Psychotechnologies and an energy coach and healer. Here she explores 7 ways to develop healthier and happier relationships.

It took me about 5 years to realize how to manifest the relationship of my dreams. Traveling and working in different parts of the world I realized that most of us suffer from similar issues and that relationships are an ongoing and interesting topic that we strive to understand and learn more about. Both women and men in the USA, the Dominican Republic, UK, Switzerland, Greece and other countries suffer from feeling unloved, lonely or being in the wrong relationship. They strive for a loving and fulfilling relationship, but feel like they are always attracting the wrong people.

After doing some research, and working with healers and energy coaches around the world, I have created 7 steps that have helped me and others to bring relationships to a higher level – a level that we hadn’t even imagined possible in life. I believe that it is possible for everyone to have a loving and fulfilling relationship. It is just a matter of healing, learning, appreciating, accepting, and reshaping our mindset.

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