An expression of love

An expression of love

CATHERINE JOHNSON writes about the Jamaican Heartfulness Team’s efforts in taking relaxation to the students in a local primary school.

Service is the most important action anyone could ever undertake in the expression of love. To verbalize love can be empty and meaningless, whereas to give freely, enthusiastically and willingly of the Self is most effective in giving back to our communities. Why is this? The receiver and the giver benefit. So, in such a mutual situation love is invoked and inspiration and aspiration become a constant.

In the field of service, the lower self is transcended, giving rise to complete dependence on the Source within. It is from this level of consciousness that faith, a most needed quality, becomes a mainstay.Life is wrought with a myriad of challenges, so in order to overcome obstacles constant remembrance  is tantamount to remaining focused, confident and creative on life’s journey. This is Heartfulness.

In such a state, we are carried by that which is indescribable. It is a vibratory flow of energy, which can be likened to a musical symphony. The generated magnetic field, by its nature attracts the right conditions and repels what it must in order to create right action. With the desired action the field expands. The ripple effect it creates grows in intensity, and the vibrational effect is  phenomenal. People are naturally attracted to those who portray joy, zest and interest in whatever task is being done, the result of which is determined by Nature.

The benefits of selfless service are unfathomable. The following are a few:

Work itself teaches.
We become skilled in the task at hand.
We achieve mastery in our chosen field.
Self-confidence grows as our life is transformed.
Humility develops as strengths and weaknesses are observed.
The art of networking increases as we connect with others.
Teamwork is encouraged.
Trust is fostered.
The heart expands.
Communities are strengthened as lives are transformed.

As ambassadors of Heartfulness, attitude, action and overall behavior spoke volumes in helping to establish The Heartfulness Way Schools’ Program in the Allman Town Primary School. Heartfulness Team Jamaica entered this school on Peace Day 2017 and since then, with the warmth and receptivity of staff members and the pupils alike, we have become a part of this school’s family. With patience, follow-up and interest the relationship has developed and now we are in our second semester, visiting them twice a week.

Beautiful relationships are being formed and we are graced by brighter faces and happy hearts. Throughout our discourses, we have aimed to show a sense of responsibility and maintain a high level of professionalism. In other words, everything from the way we communicate with one another to the way we present ourselves, physically and heartfully, help in fostering a satisfying and healthy relationship with all members of the school fraternity. All these simple things foster trust, brotherhood and ongoing growth.

Observing and witnessing the transformation of the children and teachers gives the most joy. Being in the field, I have realized the validity of the teachings of Heartfulness. It is in the field that it becomes prudent to walk in the footsteps of my Guide in order to achieve success.

When we emulate his life, the roadblocks encountered are all surmountable. Creativity and courage smooth the way. The practice of Heartfulness is good and efficacious, but the real deal is being in the field of service where the results of the practice manifest externally to improve the lives of people, so that ultimately all of us can realize a better version of ourselves.


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