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NS Nagaraja
NS Nagaraja

NSN is founder and CEO at Sensei Technologies. He has been practicing Heartfulness meditation for 20+ years and is deeply interested in the science of spirituality, software architecture & design philosophies. He also works with Brighter Minds to develop tools and techniques to enhance cognitive skills, especially for children.

In Search of Consciousness
Focus, October 2018

In search of consciousness

NS NAGARAJA presents to us an index of some theories of consciousness that have been put forward in the fields of philosophy, science and spirituality. They are not the only...

October 01, 2018
Self, Volume 2-Issue 1

When I was half asleep

N.S. NAGARAJA writes about sleep, dreams, cartoon heroes, near death experiences, twisting space and possibilities. What can our senses really tell us about the world around us and inside us?...

December 28, 2016