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Victor Kannan
Victor Kannan

Victor is a Director for Heartfulness Institute, USA, a non-profit organization educating, researching and spreading the values of yoga, meditation and overall wellness. He has been an avid practitioner of Heartfulness Meditation and a trainer for more than 30 years. As a career CFO he has been able to combine the benefits of meditation in the everyday management of his duties and responsibilities. He lives with his wife in Atlanta and has a daughter.

Be inspired, October 2018

The principle of purity

VICTOR KANNAN inspires us to cultivate our original state of purity and simplicity. I am intrigued to see new brands of clothing, nutrition and perfume called ‘Purity’ and ‘Pure’. Despite...

October 01, 2018
Who am I? A perspective
Focus, September 2018

Who am I?

A PERSPECTIVE Knowing the self is a topic of great interest in psychology and also in philosophy. VICTOR KANNAN reflects on this question that has been intriguing us from time...

August 31, 2018
February 2018, Focus

A new human species

VICTOR KANNAN explores a vision for us collectively ushering in the next dimension of human existence, consciousness and bliss. The idea of giving, in its magnificence, is really the essence...

February 02, 2018