When was the last time that your body and mind became so quiet and withdrawn from the surrounding, that you felt you just can’t carry on any longer? It happens every time I hit what we call the ‘writer’s block’. In my understanding, motivation is something we draw from within. It is the primary thing which instills faith and says, “Don’t worry buddy. You’re doing well, just keep at it.” Here are some ways to get self motivated. 1) Train Your Mind We need to be practical in our mindset and believe......

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Myths about meditation – dispelled!

More and more people are taking to meditation today. Clearly, people are drawn towards it for the benefits they derive. Yet, a similar number of people are wary, as many myths surround the notion of meditation. These include:...

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NADIA SETHI discovers the world of inner communication in silence. Lately I have rediscovered a forgotten and natural form of communication, which happens in silence. Nature has been generous in empowering me with five...

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The real truth about coconut oil

LUKE COUTINHO shares some of the amazing health benefits of the humble coconut. Mother Nature is incredibly generous in the way she provides – offering a bounty of fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins,...

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Realizing a dream

SARALA UPADHYA reflects on the visions of founding fathers, and how we can all work towards realizing our own vision in life. It was really a ‘dream come true’ for me, as I entered...

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