Jack’s Golden Words A Brotherly Reunion Ten long years had elapsed since Danny had left them. At long last the three brothers met again in Montpellier. They all wept for joy as they hugged affectionately. They looked so different now. Polo was just eighteen and his little dog had become a superb tawny-coated dog. Jack was twenty and lived in the USA, having been given shelter at an old aunt’s. Dan was twenty-two and very tall. As the three brothers sat in an open-air café, in the generous shade of the big......

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Candles and fragrance

BREATHING LIGHT AND SOOTHING SIGHT LIGHTEN THE AIR! A nice ventilated room is the best way to breathe every morning, refresh your body and mind, and recharge with oxygen. Adequate oxygen is essential for our health. But what would...

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Flying kiss flipbook

This simple project is going to make more than one person happy. Your grandparents, parents, a friend that you have not seen for a long time: who would not like to receive a kiss?...

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