Is there someone whose face you would love to draw or paint? It can be someone you know or someone you don’t know. Either find the person and ask if you can paint them, or use a photo of the person. What matters is that the face of the person should attract you in some way, and make you feel something. Look carefully at the face, how it is composed, including all the smaller details. Also, connect with your heart and look at the face with a defocused view. When we have......

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Spring Sprouts

Spring sprouts

If it’s spring where you live, Nature puts on a new face with new shoots and buds. It’s the right time to change your menu and introduce salads after the cold winter months. Lets...

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Candles and fragrance

BREATHING LIGHT AND SOOTHING SIGHT LIGHTEN THE AIR! A nice ventilated room is the best way to breathe every morning, refresh your body and mind, and recharge with oxygen. Adequate oxygen is essential for our health. But what would...

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