The Three Brothers

In accordance with the promise they had made as children, the three brothers, Polo, Jack and Danny met again ten years later in Montpellier. Polo and Jack had, by now, already told their stories. Danny was twenty-two. But what had he done during all these years? Nobody knew. From Montpellier, the three brothers took a small country train to Serverette to see Sister Mary Magdalena, and this gave them plenty of time together to share more of their stories. “Come on Danny, it’s your turn now. Have you had any extraordinary experiences?”......

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Spring Sprouts

Spring sprouts

If it’s spring where you live, Nature puts on a new face with new shoots and buds. It’s the right time to change your menu and introduce salads after the cold winter months. Lets...

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Candles and fragrance

BREATHING LIGHT AND SOOTHING SIGHT LIGHTEN THE AIR! A nice ventilated room is the best way to breathe every morning, refresh your body and mind, and recharge with oxygen. Adequate oxygen is essential for our health. But what would...

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