Pure Generous Heart. You may be thinking, “Now that’s an odd name.” Well, I must admit it is, but in these stories you will see his big heart, which is beautiful, pristine, generous, compassionate, loving … Ah! The list never ends. It is our heart that is our best friend. In times of sorrow it comforts us, in times of joy it radiates love, and when it comes to making a decision it guides us in the right direction. The stories of Pure Generous Heart resonate with our deepest feelings of love,......

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Spring Sprouts

Spring sprouts

If it’s spring where you live, Nature puts on a new face with new shoots and buds. It’s the right time to change your menu and introduce salads after the cold winter months. Lets...

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Decorative leaves

Right now it is springtime in the northern hemisphere and autumn in the southern hemisphere. In the south, the leaves are changing color and falling from many of the trees, as the days get...

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Candles and fragrance

BREATHING LIGHT AND SOOTHING SIGHT LIGHTEN THE AIR! A nice ventilated room is the best way to breathe every morning, refresh your body and mind, and recharge with oxygen. Adequate oxygen is essential for our health. But what would...

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