The free air of simplicity

The greatest truths are the simplest things in the world, simple as your own existence. The greatness of a teacher consists in the simplicity of his language. Oh, to live even for a day in the full light of freedom, to breathe the free air of simplicity! Is not that the highest purity? —Swami Vivekananda Sitting for that first meditation session was the most amazing experience I had ever had in my life – it was so profound and proved to me that this system was right for me. I thought, “If......

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The Art of Being

The art of being

BIANCA GLAVA shares with us her experience of a Himalayan Retreat, where she was led to discover her real, simple nature – her authentic self. Life is so amazing and so simple. Yet the...

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The Path of Simplicity

The path of simplicity

MICHAEL LEWIN shares his experience and idea on how to bring simplicity into daily life, through lifestyle changes and practices. My hut lies in the middle of a dense forest; Every year the green...

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The Play of Emotions on Our Health And Well-Being

The play of emotions

DR NATWAR SHARMA explores the world of feelings and emotions, their effect on the physical body, and how we can learn to manage them effectively. Our life is largely the interplay of feelings and...

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Bringing Your System to a Balanced State

Bringing your system to balance

VASCO GASPAR is a Mindfulness consultant and Heartfulness trainer living in Portugal. Here he shares a simple effective practice to down-regulate emotions. We all sometimes feel stressed, anxious, fearful or angry. It’s part of...

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Connecting the Dots

Connecting the dots

Has something ever happened to you seemingly out of the blue? Are such random incidents related, if at all? KAREN O’ NEILL muses on our connection with each other and with the Universe. Maybe...

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