IN CONVERSATION WITH SWAMI SHANTATMANANDA SWAMI SHANTATMANANDA, Secretary of the Ramakrishna Mission, Delhi, shares the way his team is spreading Swami Vivekananda’s vision for the education of the children of India, and how the Ramakrishna Mission is realizing that vision.   Q: Welcome Swamiji. You are passionate about youth and you are passionate about education. Swami: Yes. Q: So can you tell us about the programs you are running and where they are headed? What is your vision? Swami: For the Ramakrishna Mission, which has been in existence close to 120 years, there......

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Cryptik – art essay

The Cryptik Movement is dedicated to helping humanity evolve towards greater awareness and understanding through public art. The purpose of the Movement is to facilitate the development of a deeper, more meaningful philosophy of...

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