THE SCIENCE OF SPIRITUALITY Evolution of Consciousness Series KAMLESH PATEL continues his narration of the ultimate journey to freedom. In this issue he takes us even further, beyond experience, beyond consciousness, even beyond the Super-Mind of God, to the Center of all things. Let’s revisit the journey so far. Our wayfarer has traveled through six regions: the heart region (Pind Pradesh), the cosmic region (Brahmanda Mandal), the supracosmic region (Para-Brahmanda Mandal), the region of surrender (Prapanna), the region of transition between surrendering to God and nearness to God (Prapanna- Prabhu), and the......

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Being present

For the last decade I have been photographing monks throughout Asia. Not only because it has a timeless element, but also because it brings me peace. Photography to me is a form of meditation....

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The mountains

The mountains so old that they sleep fold on distant fold as men sleep that live in their shadow. Slow pageant of the days— descendant to descendant many have had entrance to this dream....

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