A personal Journey – part 1

Spirit Matters Podcast is a very popular site showcasing an eclectic mix of talks about contemporary spirituality. The hosts are DENNIS RAIMONDI and PHILIP GOLDBERG. On July 1, 2018, together they interviewed DAAJI about his life, spirituality and his new book, The Heartfulness Way. Here we highlight excerpts from the interview. DR: This is Dennis Raimondi with my co-host, Philip Goldberg, author of The Life and Times of Yogananda, and our guest today from India is Kamlesh D. Patel, known to many as Daaji. He teaches Heartfulness Meditation from his personal experience......

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Awakening dynamic imagination

FABIENNE VERDIER is a French painter who creates unique and fascinating work. Having received international recognition, her work is exhibited in large public and private museum collections. At the age of 22 she flew to Sichuan, China, a...

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Mindfulness Heartfulness

VASCO GASPAR speaks about meditation, thoughts and experiencing the inner world. Q: Please tell us a little bit about yourself and the kind of work you do with mindfulness? VG: I like to think...

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Take care of your consciousness

AN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW CHÖKYI NYIMA RINPOCHE speaks about consciousness and how it develops through kindfulness.   Q: … Respected Rinpoche, you were saying that it is difficult to talk about consciousness. CNR: Yes. If we...

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Conscious parenting

MONIKA SINGH is full of life! In this interview, she shares some of the ways that she helps couples with conscious conception, pregnancy, birthing and parenting. Q: You are passionate about your work! How...

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