An exclusive interview with PIERRE RABHI on a life of purpose, traditions and modernism, agro-ecology, Socrates, and transcendent love.   Q: You spent your childhood in an oasis in Algeria, but then had to face the modern world quite early in your life. How did such opposing cultural experiences mold the man you are today? PR: It was not easy for me. I was born and raised in a Muslim environment, in an oasis in the South of Algeria. When I was 4 years old, I lost my mother and that was......

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Take care of your consciousness

AN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW CHÖKYI NYIMA RINPOCHE speaks about consciousness and how it develops through kindfulness.   Q: … Respected Rinpoche, you were saying that it is difficult to talk about consciousness. CNR: Yes. If we...

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Conscious parenting

MONIKA SINGH is full of life! In this interview, she shares some of the ways that she helps couples with conscious conception, pregnancy, birthing and parenting. Q: You are passionate about your work! How...

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