It changes everything

giving is receiving

NEGIN MOTAMED explores some fundamental principles of Nature about giving and receiving, and how we can limit ourselves by a belief system of scarcity and replace it with a new belief system of abundance. When we don’t know how to give in order to receive, we are unaware of one of the most powerful laws of Nature. We may continue seeking and never be satisfied in our search. Many of us believe in scarcity and are in a state of poverty consciousness. We therefore stay in that state our whole lives. How......

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Read & Enjoy

Read & enjoy

VILASINI KUMAR shares the joy and benefits of reading to complement her meditative practice. Books on spirituality have always held my interest. I have a shelf full of them and have the habit of pulling...

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Weaving harmony

Host of the show enLight’n Up on The Lighter Side Network, DARSHANA PATEL shares some insights on the role of communication and technology in nurturing relationships. Darshana is an energy intuitive and medium, and...

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