It changes everything

An exclusive interview with DR CRYSTAL JONES, who is a multifaceted healing facilitator and doctor. She is fluent in many languages of healing, including medicine, alternative healing, yoga and meditation, and acts a guide for women who are ready to dive within and heal themselves. Q: It seems like your vocational path has led you to hold space to help people heal and rejuvenate in many different capacities. I find that alchemy really happens when humans connect with this intention. Can you share a little bit about the space that’s created when two people......

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Personal peace

CAROL TALLON speaks of epic journeys, spiritual awakenings, the dark night of the soul and the healing power of love. People talk of epic journeys starting with a single step, but I’m not too...

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Seeds of hope

PARTHASARATHI NARAYANA is inspired by a childhood memory to value hope and perseverance. In my childhood days I used to spend a lot of time with my maternal grandfather, who stayed on a beautiful...

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