It changes everything

JEAN APPLEBY has been an artist all her life. Recently she spent time as an artist in residence at the Kanha Shantivanam ashram, near Hyderabad in India, setting up the pottery studio and teaching adults and children about the joys of pottery. She was interviewed by MEGHANA ANAND while running programs with children. Q: How did you get pulled into this field of art and creativity? JA: I knew when I was eight years old that I would be an artist, that I was born an artist. In the seventh grade I was encouraged by my teachers......

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Weaving harmony

Host of the show enLight’n Up on The Lighter Side Network, DARSHANA PATEL shares some insights on the role of communication and technology in nurturing relationships. Darshana is an energy intuitive and medium, and...

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The art of cleaning

LLEWELLYN VAUGHAN-LEE reminds us of the sacredness of space and creating stillness through the art of cleaning, both inwardly and outwardly, connecting us with nature and ourselves. In the busyness of our contemporary life...

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