Oneness in Nature

My intention is to capture images that elicit emotion, for what we feel and see endears us to the beauty of nature and we move to protect it. I think of my camera as the tool that connects me in intimate ways to my world, giving me the opportunity to capture a moment of time. It is much like a runner ‘in the zone’ and it often allows me to experience the deep sense of Oneness that is. SEIZE THE DAY A juvenile trumpeter swan with a wingspan of 7 to 8......

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Life as a wave

GUENEVERE NEUFELD loves the ocean. In the same way that Siddhartha learnt about life from the river, she has discovered a metaphor for life in the waves, and shares her understanding on the yogic...

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Winter garden

ALANDA GREENE lives in British Columbia in Canada, where the winters bring darkness and a quilt of snow over the garden. It’s a time of inward rejuvenation and recharging. How does that affect our...

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