CORALIE IMBERT shares her love of both meditation and freediving, and how both have helped her to interiorize and live an inner journey, as well as manage her emotions. FREE DIVING , MEDITATION AND PERFORMANCE IN CONVERSATION WITH CORALIE IMBERT   Q: What attracted you to breath-holding diving, and what led you to attain great depths? CI: I was born by the Mediterranean Sea in the South of France, and was practically brought up on the beach, but the reasons for that call of the depths is difficult to explain. I think it......

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On happiness

DR ICHAK ADIZES explores the topic of a meaningful life and what really brings us happiness in the material world. It is not what you may think … The pursuit of happiness is a...

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The power of simplicity

SWATI KANNAN explores the nature of simplicity and how we can cultivate it in our lives. As Leonardo da Vinci once said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” The irony of our current time is...

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The concept of surrender

BARBARA J. LEVIN O’RIORDAN shares some insights she has learnt from P. Rajagopalachari over the years about the beauty of surrender. Many people are concerned about the concept of surrender in a spiritual journey....

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Red or blue?

VERA MUENCH alerts us all to a choice we make every moment of our lives. What will you choose? More and more people feel somehow unsatisfied and uneasy about their lives, their jobs, or their relationships. Is there...

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The choices we make

VICTOR KANNAN explores the idea that ultimately we are responsible for our own happiness. When I was a teenager, one day a thought flashed in my mind that had a profound impact on me. It was that people...

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The science of appreciation

VEENA VERMA and NEHHA LOHIYA explore the possibilities for global peace that start with learning the art and science of appreciation. The corporate business world has given it a very unpleasant and gross terminology...

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When I was half asleep

N.S. NAGARAJA writes about sleep, dreams, cartoon heroes, near death experiences, twisting space and possibilities. What can our senses really tell us about the world around us and inside us? Yes, I should have...

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