Issue 13, Self |
November 01, 2016

Writing my way to peace

MEGHANA ANAND explores the benefits of reflective writing in finding inner peace. A couple of years ago, while on a camping trip, I enjoyed a game of hide-and-seek with my little son. When it was time for me to seek, I found him sitting under one of the camp beds, still and serene, with his eyes closed. When I asked, “What were you doing?” he replied, “I was looking for inner peace.” I realized he was imitating Master Shifu from Kung Fu Panda, which he had watched a few days ago. We......

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Love is always here and now

BARBARA J. LEVIN O’RIORDAN shares her experience of calling on Love and the realization that it does not need explanation. My old motto used to be, “I can always take a small step.” I...

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An observer’s lifestyle

DURGA NAGARAJAN shares a first-hand example of how the power of observation can change a life. Sitting on my couch, without anything much to do, I realized that my mind was overpowered with a...

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Free yourself from stress

This is an excerpt of a workshop coordinated by VÉRONIQUE BRASSELET and EMMA MILESI during the Heartfulness days at the Cité Internationale in Lyon in January 2016. The heart’s simplicity reduces stress Stress is...

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Beholding and becoming

Beholding and becoming

NEGIN MOTAMED searches for the quiddity of  happiness. What would you wish for if you had a genie? A villa in the Canary Islands? A Lamborghini? A luxury vacation? Or something more sustainable: a bank...

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Is your mind flexible?

Many of us today are interested in keeping our bodies flexible and fit, but how many of us are interested in developing neuroplasticity? ELIZABETH DENLEY shares some tips on mental flexibility. What does it...

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DR YVES BENHAMOU presents us with the science of neuroplasticity but asks whether this is all there is to meditation. Some words deeply, infinitely and definitely echo in us. They give rise to questions....

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Purity weaves destiny

RISHI RANJAN explores the concept of purity and how it can weave our destiny. Suppose our hands are dirty, what do we do? We wash them to make them clean. If our house is...

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