Taste of life

The 5 elements

FÉLICIE TOCZÉ In Chinese medicine, the five elements are considered to be an expression of the natural cycle of the seasons. Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water correspond to spring, summer, the period between seasons (Indian summer), autumn and winter. They come to represent and shape each season, with their own characteristics. The cycle of the 5 elements is also found in our daily life as morning, noon, afternoon, evening and night. It is interesting to note that there are natural cycles at many different levels. This is how the notion of......

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Tea reflections

A photo essay by ADAM  YASMIN I started sharing tea ceremony from a deep well of kindness and conviviality after spending nine months immersed in a San Francisco teahouse called Om Shan Tea back...

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Napoleon lasagne

This is a hearty and decorative recipe that you can serve as a delicious meal. Instead of pasta, the thinly sliced raw zucchini and baked eggplant make a very nutritious, delicious and fresh alkaline lasagne. It...

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On time and healing

MEGHANA ANAND writes about the demands and joys of motherhood, and the beauty of giving time to children. I read this poem, Leisure, for the first time when I was in school. It’s simplicity...

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The story of matcha tea tells how tea drinking became a meditation. TOM MICHAELSEN interviews SANDEH VON TUCHER who runs the Tushita Teahouse in Munich about matcha. Q: Matcha tea has become increasingly popular...

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