IN CONVERSATION WITH PATRICK FLEURY In this interview, PATRICK FLEURY explores the question: What is heath? It seems that it is very much influenced by the perception of how we view ourselves. Q: Welcome Patrick. You are a healer, and you are also a Heartfulness Trainer, so can you tell us what you think health is? PF: As well, I am a trainer in Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, and I also know a little Ayurveda, and all these medicinal approaches have been inspired from above, and are in the holy books. We......

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Redefining my life

DIVNA SHIPOVIKJ describes an integrative model for treating cancer that combines allopathic and ayurvedic treatments. My name is Divna. Breast cancer survivor. Ayurveda believer and enthusiast. Starting a new life. Here is my story: why I...

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