Issue 8


Once upon a time, ages ago, in the Himalayan forest, there was a white elephant. His name was Mana and he was the descendant of a whole line of white elephants that came from the Hui-Sai forests in the kingdom of Siam, and they could speak the human language. Our story continues …. A few years later, a young giraffe from Africa blew in to the Himalayan forests. As Mana had done before her, she had decided to leave home and her daily routine in search of adventure, with the hope of......

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A child at the core

SHRUTI PANDEY discovers the joys and responsibilities of new parenthood, and sees the opportunities for her own growth. Three years back, I could have never imagined that my life would change so much. In...

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Love and meditation

THÉOPHILE L’ANCIEN shares some practical wisdom about love. Theophile the Younger Tell me more about meditation. What should one do after meditating? Theophile the Elder We should never abruptly cut meditation. When surfacing from the...

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Wax on. Wax off.

In this interview, CHRIS MILLS shares with us his ideas on bringing heart back into corporate culture. I don’t approach work, family life and spiritual life as being separate and different from each other....

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Be grateful

To be grateful is the greatest of all attitudes. It opens up so much peace, harmony and happiness and positively affects individuals, families, workplace and communities. Grateful people are more consistent in their behavior...

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