Volume 2-Issue 10

Once upon a time, there was a rich, kind and blissful merchant, Boniface, who lived in a village near Montpellier in France. His childhood friend, Philibert, the clog maker, lived at the other end of the village. They were very fond of each other and they really appreciated being together. But times were hard for the clog maker, as nobody wanted to wear wooden clogs anymore. His business had declined and he was now as poor as a church mouse. Misery would not leave his door, and he could not feed his......

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Dear children, Have you ever wondered whether you smile because you are happy, or you are happy because you have smiled? The movements of joy produce joy. And here we have this great word,...

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Starseed awakening

In conversation with MAGENTA PIXIE MAGENTA PIXIE is an author, YouTube personality, and channeler. As a seven year old, Magenta had memories of being able to move things by using her mind, and she sensed...

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alkaline juice

Wheatgrass juice

Alkaline Juice High-Energy,  High-Vibration, Living Food A recipe for energy Sunlight gives energy to plants, which give life on Earth. Wheatgrass is vibrant because it is high in chlorophyll. Chlorophyll uses light energy from...

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Being present

For the last decade I have been photographing monks throughout Asia. Not only because it has a timeless element, but also because it brings me peace. Photography to me is a form of meditation....

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