Volume 2-Issue 2


Red or blue?

VERA MUENCH alerts us all to a choice we make every moment of our lives. What will you choose? More and more people feel somehow unsatisfied and uneasy about their lives, their jobs, or their relationships. Is there...

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The need to love

DR ICHAK ADIZES shares his thoughts on the most important need for all human beings. There are a lot of theories on human needs, like to reproduce and to feed, where the common denominator...

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Life in life

In this issue, KAMLESH D. PATEL explores a different facet of the evolution of consciousness. He writes of love, transmission and the need for connection and communion along the way.   THE SCIENCE OF...

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The choices we make

VICTOR KANNAN explores the idea that ultimately we are responsible for our own happiness. When I was a teenager, one day a thought flashed in my mind that had a profound impact on me. It was that people...

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