Volume 2-Issue 8

William was the son of a famous billionaire who owned a vast property on the beach in Goa. William loved his garden. A large carpet of roses, each more beautiful than the last, lay amidst lotuses, magnolias and birds of paradise. Once, as he was about to pick one of his most beautiful roses, he pricked his finger so badly that blood gushed out. He screamed; he was terrified at seeing that his own blood could leave his body without his approval. His doctor had to dress his finger and comfort him.......

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Elf on the self

RISHI CHAVAN explores the nature of self-acceptance, self-love and getting rid of self-destructive tendencies. Our relationship with our own self defines our relationships with others. Not only that, the degree of acceptance we have...

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MATSHONA DHLIWAYO shares his journey of discovery about the secrets of happiness, and some wisdom on how we can all lead happier lives. When I was young, I admired old people. Now that I’m...

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