Conscious parenting

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MONIKA SINGH is full of life! In this interview, she shares some of the ways that she helps couples with conscious conception, pregnancy, birthing and parenting.

Q: You are passionate about your work! How did you get into this field, which is so tied to human evolution?

MS: There is always a story that triggers and motivates us to our path. In 2007, I experienced something very profound, when my husband contracted a viral infection. He is a pediatrician and had picked it up from one of his patients. When children are infected by this virus, it is usually okay, but when it is an adult it can be fatal. So he had developed fluid retention in his entire body, especially in the pericardium, the wall of the heart, and he almost left us. He was in bed for around eight months, when he was about to be taken for surgery to remove the pericardium. His life would have been that of a vegetable. Both of us had very vivid colorful dreams for the future, and this was not in sync with what we thought our life would be.

So we were struggling, and life was chaotic. One day, in the autumn of 2007, something happened to me. At the time my husband was not allowed to walk more than 150 meters, in case he became breathless. I went to a park, which was around 900 meters from our home, and sat there praying.
Then I called him and said, “ You come to this park and take me home, otherwise I am not coming home. And please come alone.”
I just sat, thinking, “Let it be today, whatever is meant to happen.”

It was a good one and a half hours of waiting, sitting with my eyes closed. When I opened them I saw my husband walking into the park. The doctors had said that he would not be able to walk beyond 200 meters, but he had actually walked down three flights of stairs, then 900 meters to the entrance of the park, and he came walking all the way to where I was and sat there.

Then we started coming back again. Within a month and a half, his entire disease had vanished, all the fluid in all the layers of his body had gone, his heart was beating normally, he had shed fifteen to twenty kilos of weight, and was full of vigor.
The doctors said, “It’s a miracle!”
It was not actually a miracle. We had tapped into the power of the subconscious mind and reprogrammed it. We shifted our belief system and we came back to life. So then I understood that this is the way of life. At that time I had no knowledge of the subconscious mind. I was only involved with my children and family.

We had been living in Delhi, where my husband was running a multi-specialty hospital. But after all this we shifted our base to a rural area near Dehra Dun, an area with no medical facilities, where we set up our hospital and started working with conviction and faith. It is a beautiful area in the foothills of the Himalayas.

So in the Cosmic Conception program,
we help parents to be conscious
of their thoughts and emotions.
They know they are invoking a soul
who is going to begin a journey on Earth.

There this landed! I used to have vivid dreams and visions, and I was guided to understand that life does not start after the birth ; it doesn’t even start during those nine months of pregnancy, or at the time of conception. Instead, our life starts when our parents think about us. So when parents think about becoming parents, the child’s journey begins. And whatever they are thinking is already affecting the child’s subconscious mind. At the time a child is delivered, more than 70% of his or her subconscious mind is already blueprinted, and these are the codes on which his or her future lies.

So this has been my journey, and how I was inspired. Then I did research on my patients and now we are getting wonderful results in our hospital.

Q: Tell us about the work you do with families.

MS: Our entire program is called ‘Awakening in Womb’, and we start right from the very beginning. So our work supports:

Consciously conceiving the baby.
Consciously carrying and nurturing the baby.
Consciously delivering the baby.
Consciously raising the newborn baby.

We have also started a program called ‘Cosmic Conception’ where our would-be parents experience a rise in vibrations through different modalities to help attract a higher vibrational soul into their lives. They understand that they are receiving a gift in this soul, this baby.

Q: How do you work with parents to bring about conscious conception?

MS: In the realm of energy, like attracts like, so you will often hear parents saying, “This child is just like me.” Why do they say that ? The energy with which they conceive a child, the emotions that they hold at that particular moment, are totally transferred to the baby. So the baby will initiate his or her journey with that coloring, that intention, that energy.

So in the Cosmic Conception program, we help parents to be conscious of their thoughts and emotions. They know they are invoking a soul who is going to begin a journey on Earth. They have to be aware of what they are starting with. We help them address and embrace any nonserving attitudes they may have, like their fears, their anger. They don’t have to overcome anger or fear. It is better to accept it and embrace it and be good with it to the point that it no longer matters and they feel well about it. Their hearts become hopeful with compassion and love, so everything finds its own position, and this is when conception happens. The child will also begin the journey with compassion and love. We have done our part.

Q: Wonderful! What about during pregnancy? How do you support parents so they can nurture their babies in the best possible way?

MS: We have two ways. The first is with people who have conceived consciously, as they have already started from a particular level. But most of the couples coming to our hospital do not know about Cosmic Conception, so with this second group we work on the principle that ‘your unborn child is your spiritual guru’. In other words, whenever a couple has conceived a baby, that soul is there in their life as a guiding force. Essentially, pregnancy is a time of great transformation, and a great leap in the journey of evolution of the souls who are parents. Pregnancy accelerates the journey. So all the programs, patterns and social conditionings rise to the surface, and that is why we say that the mother has a turbulent phase of ups and downs of emotions, because things pop up from the subconscious mind.

So we work with pregnant women in classes, identifying what is manifesting in their lives right now. We help them to accept what emotions are surfacing, rise above them, and move with the vibration. It is all about acceptance. They do it with a lot of love and consciousness. Of course the programs are structured – we give them dos and don’ts, some practices, meditation, etc. – both face-to-face in our hospital and online. There is a full nine months program that they follow. The mothers help themselves by doing the practices, and become very conscious of their pregnancy.

Q: Are the fathers involved as well?

MS: The fathers are very involved, because the father is impacting the mother, who is impacting the baby. I always say that a family with a strong father is a thriving family. The father has a huge role, because the mother’s emotions and mental strength are somehow directly connected with those of her husband. The father’s support is very important in this entire program.

Q: I am sure you are aware of the Epigenetic studies on this, so can we say that you are working to help create the environment so that the physiology of the mother is most conducive?

MS: It is all about that. Epigenetics is mainstream now. Research has shown that every single gene can express itself in more than 20,000 different ways depending upon the environment, so it is all about creating the environment for the baby to grow.

This baby starts with two cells, and becomes a trillion-celled body, and this construction is happening inside the mother’s womb. This is not just the construction of the child ; it is also the awakening of the mother. That is why we call the program ‘Awakening in Womb’. Both mother and child are awakening. The construction material is important : food is very important, but not just food. The water a mother drinks, the air she is breathing, the thoughts she is having, and her energy levels are all accumulating and constructing the child’s body. I am not just talking about the physical body – all the bodies. So the construction of the entire blueprint is happening right there inside the womb.

Q: It is amazing! Let’s move on now. How do you work with mothers through the birthing process?

MS: This is my favorite part! During the birthing process, I call these mothers divine goddesses. They are the chosen ones, as they are bringing about life, and the way they bring life into the world is extremely important. When we as women can turn that pain into pleasure is when we are able to do everything.

Every single gene can express itself
in more than 20,000 different ways
depending upon the environment.

As doctors, I think we have a great role to play. First of all, there is a lot of fear surrounding a delivery. The people attending are not sure how it is going to happen, if it going to be a normal delivery, a forceps delivery, a Caesarian section, etc. The first thing that we as doctors can do is to erase that fear around the birthing process by telling mothers that this is the most natural process to happen in nature, that she will be guided, and that her entire body is working and everything is automated. Did she conceive by asking a sperm and an egg to get together and make a body ? No, it just happened. Similarly, giving birth is an automatic process. She simply has to remove the thinking brain and everything happens on its own.

When there is fear, then a mother may more easily attract a lot of unpleasant things and difficulties during the birth. So in our hospital we try to ease the mothers completely, removing any fears around the birth, by reminding them of that deep faith that everything has been taken care of.

Then there is a structure that we follow, using music, positive affirmations and meditation. This way, during the birthing process, the mother is relaxed and able to communicate with the baby. That is so important, because it is the baby who is making his or her way through that birthing canal. So imagine if she is able to communicate with the baby, reassuring him or her that “This is a beautiful world, a world of peace and compassion. I welcome you here, my child, with all my heart. Please come, I am waiting for you.” Then the baby has a better chance to come out naturally, because he or she is secure. This is it.

Q: Lovely! After the birth, there is another level of transition in family life for both parents. So please can you tell us about conscious parenting? What support do you offer new parents?

MS: Conscious parenting starts with the birth. The moment the baby is out, he or she is put directly to the mother’s heart, as the sound of her heartbeat is familiar. This reduces any fear the baby may have in this new environment, because he or she is received with love into the world and feels secure. After that, we hand the baby over to the father, who sits cuddling and caressing his newborn.

In contrast, if a baby is born in a very mechanical manner and then put in a nursery, separated from the parents, which is unavoidable if it is a traumatic birth, imagine the amount of fear the baby has. They will experience all the alien sounds, the alien light, and many strange voices. They become fearful. So the first impression, the first imprint after delivery is that of fear. Today, so many babies experience such an imprint in hospitals around the world, and, as a result, they constantly live with fear even as adults, because it is the first impression they have of the world outside.

So what happens to the child in the first few hours after the birth is very, very important. That is the base, the foundation. When the first impression is that of love, that becomes the foundation from where life goes on. Such children are generally compassionate, loving and settled children. They are not anxious babies, they cry less and they demand less, because they are secure. Babies often cry and demand a lot when there is some insecurity, some fear, which parents don’t always understand and the baby can’t explain. By the time the child is older and can express how they feel, they have already accepted this fear as a normal way of life. This is how we are as individuals.

As conscious parents, we can help our children be what they are supposed to be by understanding that they are not ‘ours’, but instead they are other individuals coming through us. Whatever thoughts, belief systems and conditioning we may have do not need to be transferred to our babies. They do not deserve that. They will do better with neutrality so that they can build their own belief systems.

Q: A lot of people reading this will want more information. Not everyone can travel to Uttarakhand, so how are you reaching out to others?

MS: We have a website called ‘Birth the New Earth’ at, we do online workshops and then we have the handholding program for the nine months of pregnancy, which we also do online.

Q: Would you also be willing to train medical personnel from other parts of the world if they could come to your hospital?

MS: Yes, definitely, because this is the way of life ahead. It has to be a train the trainer approach. We all have to come together and work as one force. We also have a Facebook group and we are trying to reach out to as many people as possible.

Q: Can you tell us about your two books?

MS: My first book was co-authored and is called Miracle Mission, in which I have written about my own journey. My second book is called Awakening in Womb, in which I have written all about conscious conception, pregnancy, birthing and parenting.

I also discuss infertility issues, and especially what can be done before resorting to IVF and surrogacy. We have an ‘Accepting Your Fertility’ program, so that couples can learn to accept their own fertility. It is a beautiful 45 days to 2 months program, and again it is a very structured program. It is working because people are having their babies !

To contact Monicka, you can write to



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