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On dreams, snakes and opening doors


CHIARA TOWNLEY explores the depth of meaning that dreams can bring to unlocking the subconscious mind.

It happens to many of us that we wake up restless in the morning after a crazy dream. But what if our dreams are actually delivering important messages to us? Some people say they have prophetic dreams. When we dream during our sleep, we have the power to tap into the subconscious and discover deeper truths about ourselves. How to develop this skill?

After reading Autobiography of a Yogi I started to consider the idea of writing a journal to keep track of my dreams. In this book, Yogananda explains that enlightened spiritual beings can steer their dreams in the direction they want. He also mentions that once you are aware of dreaming in your dreams, it means that you are developing spiritually.

After reading this revealing book, I desired to develop an inner connection with my dreams. I was going through some changes in my life – a new city, new house, new professional life – and I wasn’t able to find a clear vision of what to do next. I don’t remember the setting of one dream, but I do recall that I was wondering about the ‘snakes’ in my life. I don’t think the word was referring necessarily to people; maybe it was referring to the anxious thoughts I was developing in that stressful moment. I repeated the word ‘snakes’ several times during the dream, and kept on asking the Universe about the meaning of them. Suddenly, the reply came: “Change skin.” In the dream, I remember repeating those words several times aloud, and when I woke up I knew that that the Universe had delivered a message to me.

I believe that reading about spirituality and practicing meditation can open the door to enchanting realities hidden behind the veil of the rational world in front of our eyes. Once that door opens even a tiny bit, we have the chance to take spiritual development to the next level. This doesn’t mean that the answers to our questions will come through a dream, but that if you stay open and receptive you will find messages everywhere on your path.

After my ‘snake’ dream I didn’t know what to think or how to change my skin, but at least I knew that I had found part of a secret code to communicate with my dreams. After a couple of weeks, during a flight to Europe, I was listening to a podcast by the spiritual leader Tara Brach. She mentioned a metaphor about a snake changing skin – there it was again, the same message in a different form.

I don’t know what ‘changing skin’ means in my life, but I certainly know that the Universe is telling me to change something deep within me. I will keep looking for more clues on my path and push that door until it is wide open. Every one of us has a spiritual path waiting to be discovered, and if we are diligent and consistent in our search I guarantee we can all find it.


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