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Water is important for us to stay alive. Did you know that 60 to 70% of our bodies are water? If we go even for a few days without water, we risk our survival. Also every cell in our body needs to water to feel good. So let’s explore a bit more how we affect the water we need for life.

Here is an experiment you can do at home or at school. It is based on the scientific work of Dr Masaru Emoto from Japan, who investigated the effect of feelings and thoughts on water.

Fill a jug or water bottle with drinking water and put it on a table in front of you.

Close your eyes and send loving feelings to the water. When you have finished doing this, sip a little of the water.

How does it feel to appreciate and love the water and then  drink it? How will it change your body if the water you drink is full of love?

If you want to be scientific, you can compare the taste to water that has not received your loving feelings. You can also do this experiment multiple times to check if the results are repeated every time. You could also do this with your friends and use blindfolds so that the tasters don’t know which bottle has been used.

Words and images also have an effect on the water. Dr Emoto found that when water is placed on a picture of a dolphin, the frozen crystals of that water change into a beautiful pattern. If a positive word, such as ‘gratitude’, is put against the water the same thing happens.

Take some small pieces of paper and write different words on them, e.g.

You can put the paper writing-side-up and place water bottles on the words. You can also try with different images, and with different types of music.

Have fun with these experiments and let us know what you discover by writing to: contributions@heartfulnessmagazine.com.


Emoto, Dr Masaru, 2004. The Hidden Messages in Water, Beyond Words Publishing, USA.


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