Finding your soul mate

Finding your soul mate

Theophile the Elder gives some tips to Theophile the Young on how to go about finding a soul mate.

Theophile the Young looked preoccupied.

Theo the Young: You have told me about heart-to-heart communication, but what about the relationship with one’s soul mate? I’d like so much to make a success of my married life and lead a harmonious family life.

Theophile the Elder: What I mentioned about heart-to-heart communication applies to all human relationships. That way of being connected to another person is quite precious, particularly when discovering one’s soul mate.

Y: How can we know who is our soul mate? How can we recognize them?

E: Above all, by not looking for them.

Y: No flirting, then? Do you mean I must close my eyes in order to find my partner?

E: On the contrary, the eye of your heart must be open, wide open. Through it, you will know for certain. Your heart naturally knows what is right and what is wrong. But most of the time, we don’t even listen to it and therefore we suffer.

Y: Many girls do attract me, each of them prettier than the others. They are lively and smart and, what’s more, they are charming. How do I know which of them is for me? I don’t feel like suffering or making others suffer due to my mistakes. I often have the feeling that people play a game of roulette with love and that there are far too many losers.

E: The one for which your heart will give you a clear resounding ‘yes’ is the one for you. You shall know. She will be yours forever.

Y: How can I be sure of it?

E: Doubts arise when reasoning comes into play. Intuition comes from the heart, which is connected to the right part of the brain, whereas reason is connected to the left brain. Each of them has its raison d’être. But if you want a clear and short version of it, just ask your heart.

Y: Do you mean it will be love at first sight?

E: Not exactly. I mean that there will be a mutual recognition of your two souls; and once the souls have recognized themselves, they will commune. Then reason will naturally follow. Each element will logically find its place, thus confirming that sense of oneness, attraction and love. On the contrary, love at first sight will often confuse both heart and reason and cause a whole range of disappointments.

Y: But how will I know for certain that the woman I love will be my lifelong partner? It seems so many people are mistaken! They get a divorce, whatever their age. Marriage seems to be at once mysterious and worrisome. How can we avoid being mistaken? What about you, how did you make it?

E: I sat in meditation, praying God to enlighten me internally. Then I received a positive answer, which determined the next stage of my life.

Y: Was it a prayer?

E: At the time I would go straight to the point, since I believed I was bound to get an answer, and I addressed God directly from the bottom of my heart. He had already found a spiritual guide for me, so why could He not guide me in my choosing the right spouse?

Y: And then?

E: A clear resounding ‘yes’ came from deep within me. That very moment was the foundation stone for my marriage. It helped me go through the difficulties a couple cannot avoid. My soul definitely knew my partner was the woman of my life, a certainty I have never questioned.

Y: What difficult times did you face?

E: Difficult times differ according to the persons. Presently, I can’t remember anything about them. What I do know is that I did not know how to love, and I had to learn a little more every day. If you want, I will tell you a short story. It’s about a man who found a bottle containing a genie. He opened the bottle. The genie said he could have a one and only wish.
After thinking over it, the man asked, “I suffer from air sickness and my dream is to visit Tahiti. Could you build for me a road from France to Tahiti?”
Feeling cross, the genie replied, “Do you realize what you are asking for? Have another wish.”
After a new thoughtful moment, the man said, “Okay, then can you help me understand the mystery of woman?”
The genie answered, “As for your road, do you want a two-lane or a four-lane carriageway?”

Y: Your story is rather misogynous, isn’t it?

E: Not really. Women are just as puzzled when facing the mystery a man can be to them. Yet, they have an advantage over us: they always put their hearts first.

Y: Could you give me a roadmap, as you did for the five points of the heart? I’m not going to wait another seven years before being able to choose a proper wife. How long did it take you to cross the Heart Region?

E: It took me ten years, with the help of my spiritual guide of course.

Y: That long! But you were already married and had a son. There, I am lost. Now, I would like you to tell me about marriage and the choices I have to make. How should I proceed?

E: It’s very simple:

Plunge into the deepest depths of your being until you practically loose your own identity.

Connect your mind to the heart of your beloved.

Ask silently, as if you were praying to the Ultimate.

Both the present souls are then exposed to the Divine in all their innocence.

Think of the words and let them practically fade away. They will become so subtle that they will almost disappear and become vibrations. If the vibrations are being erased in the process, it’s even better.

Then forget your question and absorb yourself deeply.

When you emerge, observe, listen to whatever is emerging from that inner alchemy.

The answer will pop out. It will be based on the certainty that your two souls are or are not destined for one another. The answer will be simple, obvious, and certainly not an intellectual one. It will be both the root and the spearhead of your couple for the rest of your life.


Man-woman, yang-yin,
the complementary opposites
that unite to give, to produce the third.
The base is the essence of the yin.
There is a rise of the yang,
then the appearance of the yang.
The yang appears by way of contrast,
according to the yin.
Both fit together harmoniously.
The yang contains a touch of yin,
and vice versa.
From there, life will originate.

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