How to Get Self Motivated in Life – 23 Ultimate Ways


When was the last time that your body and mind became so quiet and withdrawn from the surrounding, that you felt you just can’t carry on any longer? It happens every time I hit what we call the ‘writer’s block’.
In my understanding, motivation is something we draw from within. It is the primary thing which instills faith and says, “Don’t worry buddy. You’re doing well, just keep at it.”

Here are some ways to get self motivated.

1) Train Your Mind

We need to be practical in our mindset and believe in what we do, irrespective of whatever comes our way. Train your mind that, what we have undertaken needs to be completed.

2)Look at the Positives at all Times

Every situation has its own pros and cons. A lot of time, we are unable to move ahead as we are too focused on looking at the tough part and difficulties, that we forget there are always two sides to a coin.

3)Be Prepared For Adversities

The reason many of us are taken aback when faced with extremities is that we haven’t prepared for the worst.
When I started my business and when things get topsy-turvy, I used to tell my colleagues, “What is the worst that could happen?”

However these days with some experience, we take into account the ‘worst case scenario’ into consideration. When we do this, nothing seems too big and insurmountable, at any point in our execution.

4)Cheerful Acceptance

Part of our problem is that we don’t accept our circumstances and we try and fight reality. Per contra, if we accept our current situation, we are able to analyze where we are and what we want to achieve.


Visualize the destination you need to reach, visualize yourself doing what you’ve always dreamt of doing and voila, before you know it you would have reached it.

6)Start Afresh

When we are working on a very specific painting which we feel should be our master piece, we are occupied by it 24×7. This preoccupation tends to turn very subtly into an obsession with a very narrow minded approach.

In such instances, we need to do is take a step back, relax, inhale and exhale deeply and take a break. Start off on the same, the next day or the day after.

7)Learn Constantly

Try to constantly learn all you can on the project you are undertaking. The abundance of information also tends to give a motivational feel that you tackle situations easily.

8)Track Your Progress Periodically

For example, to understand myself better, to know how much I’ve changed as a person I keep a diary where every day, I write how I feel, what happened during my meditation, what I felt in my day that helps me moving forward.

9)Help Others

Many people get their life’s motivation from helping and caring for others. That’s one of the ways in which successful businessmen like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson, Warren Buffet, use their money. This second dimension in our lives, gives a new meaning to our work life and we want to do even better than before, only to help others and make a difference in their lives.

10)Keep Good Company

People whom we surround ourselves with prove to be strong influencers in our lives. There are times when we are down and we need those around us to get us back on our feet. Therefore, it’s always in our best interest to be surrounded by optimistic people.

11)Make it a Team Effort

Competing in the business world or in any other field never really draws much good vibes. On the contrary, it draws out all your energy. A healthy way of working towards similar goals is to team up with individuals who are also working towards it.

12)Know about the Lives of Good People

When we read the lives of people like Bill Gates, J. J. Watt and Steve Jobs, we realize the hardships that each one has been through and realize that their pain and suffering is also similar to the ones we are going through.

This works on our psyche and we start moving forward with a new found energy and zeal, that comes from knowing there have been others on the path too – we are not alone.

13)Optimize ‘ME’ time

Before jumping into the work at hand and going all out, take some time out every morning for yourself.Try and meditate for a bit to tune in to your inner self Have a sumptuous and nourishing breakfast.

Get back from work on time, and have a good evening. Read a good book or play an outdoor sport. Prioritize time for yourself, so you are motivated to do well in other things.

14)When in Doubt Refer to the Heart

Whenever we hit a roadblock, refer to your heart. Rekindling the interest brings back lost passion and we end up having a new found enthusiasm to complete the task.

15)Move Around the Place

We need to move around, this creates good blood circulation through the brain and all body parts releasing a lot of endorphins that stimulate the brain to work and create ideas.

16)Find the Glitch

Find out where you’ve come to a standstill and why? Is it because you’re afraid, restless, frustrated or because you feel there isn’t enough time to complete the project. Finding and clearing the glitch is most important.

17)Deconstruct Your Fears

We are constantly afraid of something or the other. What are we afraid of? We don’t know! We are only afraid of the unknown, most of the times. Analyze and dissect known from unknown and make yourself confident of handling the situation with finesse.

18)Plan Out Your Day in Advance

I generally plan my day the night before, this gives a foresight into what is needed for the next day and I can mentally prepare myself on how to manage it. This also motivates me to look forward for the adventure of new work and completing other things in a very timely manner.

19)Get the Right Ammunition

The tools and devices we use also have a very important role to play in our motivation to complete the task.
They involuntarily affect our mindset and output. Make sure all your devices are those that are appropriate for the task at hand.

20)Build on Success

When you’ve just won a deal, it’s easier to get yourself working on it, rather than waiting or working on a one-time job.

21)Take it Step by Step

It’s not easy to work on a project as a whole from day one, therefore, its best to look at one step at a time. In this way, your concentration is intact and so is the desire to do your best as there is one point focus.

22) Get a Partner

Company is good. When you feel down have a go-to person who just by talking to you for a few minutes or being with you, can get you back on track. For example, many of us have jogging partners (one person with whom we jog), that one person becomes the reason you even go for a jog and enjoy it and vice versa.

23)Attitude Determines Your Altitude

A calm and serene attitude will speak volumes when you need motivation. With such an attitude only the goal is seen and nothing else. Problems get solved as we tend to focus on solutions. Motivation is never lacking for such an individual.

So, here are a few ways to constantly be self-motivated and create a life of purpose. Try these out and let us know if you have any more ways of staying motivated.

Article By Durga Nagarajan


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