The great stories of Pure Generous Heart


Pure Generous Heart. You may be thinking, “Now that’s an odd name.” Well, I must admit it is, but in these stories you will see his big heart, which is beautiful, pristine, generous, compassionate, loving … Ah! The list never ends.

It is our heart that is our best friend. In times of sorrow it comforts us, in times of joy it radiates love, and when it comes to making a decision it guides us in the right direction. The stories of Pure Generous Heart resonate with our deepest feelings of love, compassion and purity. The adventures of Pure Generous Heart are never boring, as you will soon find out yourself. Happy reading!


“Hi, Pure Generous Heart.”
“Why hello there Sheer Brute Strength.”

You see, one fine day, Sheer Brute Strength set off on to find his colleague Pure Generous Heart. Now, Sheer Brute Strength was very strong; you could tell that just from his name. His muscles rippled with pure energy as he moved, and his Herculean strength was the talk of the town.

So, Sheer Brute Strength approached Pure Generous Heart inquiringly and said, “I was told you could help me. After all you are generous, no?”

Pure Generous Heart smiled, “Go ahead and tell. I will definitely help you.”
“Well,” said Sheer Brute Strength, “I have signed up for this big sporting event next week. The challenge is to swim down the great river in the valley. The first to reach the finish line will win many wonderful prizes, especially a magnificent state-of-the-art racing bike. What a bike! It beggars description in terms of performance, and when you ride it, it practically flies. I am telling you … ”
“And what do you want me to do for you Sheer Brute Strength?” interrupted Pure Generous Heart gently, for he knew that once perched firmly on his favorite hobby horse, Sheer Brute Strength would continue for hours!
“I want you to help me win the bike.”

Pure Generous Heart paused for a minute and then said, “All right. I will help you win. But first you must show me this river you have to conquer.”
Pure Generous Heart and Sheer Brute Strength arrived where the river was at its stillest and widest. The banks of the river were lush green, reeds grew in large clumps where glittering dragonflies hovered, and tiny green frogs leaped about in joy. The willows along the banks of the river bent low and caressed the serene waters. Indeed it was a beautiful sight.

“Sheer Brute Strength, sit down and tell me what you see.”
“I see the clear river, the little waves, the gray stones and the green trees.”
“Is that all? Now, close your eyes and tell me what you feel.”

Sheer Brute Strength was a bit surprised, but out of respect for Pure Generous Heart, he refrained from questioning the strange request and closed his eyes and sat still.
“Take your time. Sit very still, relax, and let the feeling come to you. Be patient. Wait. Feel,” whispered Pure Generous Heart.

After a few minutes, Sheer Brute Strength spoke: “Oh! This feeling, it’s not quite the same as looking and describing: I feel very nice things. I feel the soft wind, the smell of damp earth, I hear the music of the water flowing, the song of the birds – they sound really happy these birds. I feel a little warm under the sun, but it’s pleasant thanks to the cool breeze flowing over the water. I cannot believe that by closing my eyes, I can feel so many things! I feel I can see even more than with my open eyes.

“Okay, now you can open your eyes and tell me how you intend to train for the swimming race.”
“It is a tough training, Pure Generous Heart, as this is a very hard race! I will be pitted against some very strong swimmers. And if I have to win this race, I have to be the strongest. So I run, I swim, I workout, and I train every day,” said Sheer Brute Strength flexing his sinewy biceps.

The corners of Pure Generous Heart’s lips twitched, “Ah yes, I see your muscles! But do you think you can become stronger than this great river?”
“Well, I never thought of that. Now that you ask, I’m not so sure. The river too is very strong; there are passages with rapids and the undercurrents beneath the surface are deceptively strong.”
“Listen, if you want me to help you, here is what I suggest. I do not think you can be stronger than the river, and for the sake of humility let us say that you may not even be even stronger than the other swimmers. Rather than viewing the river as a foe to be conquered, what you need to do is to feel this river, perceive it, fathom how it seems so serene on the surface whilst flowing strongly underneath. You must be able to move in its water without losing a single ounce of your energy. Rather than swim fast, against the current, you must be able to flow, like the water itself. Be the water, be the flow, be the river.”

“That sounds amazing! It’s a cool idea, but how can I do it?”
“Well, we are going to do what we did earlier. We will close our eyes and try to feel what the river does to flow so effortlessly. Descend into your heart, inside the deepest depths of yourself and gradually, you will understand the river better. And soon you will be able to be one with the river, swim without strain and with feeling. Come let us sit together.”

Pure Generous Heart and Sheer Brute Strength closed their eyes in deep contemplation. They delved deep into their hearts and meditated for what seemed a long time. When they had finished, Sheer Brute Strength said, “It was wonderful, I think I have unraveled the secret of the river. She knows she will reach her goal simply by letting herself flow along her riverbed. Nature is her ally. In Nature, she is confident and trusting.”

Pure Generous Heart was radiating joy at the wise words of Sheer Brute Strength: “My friend, you too can trust Nature. Even in your everyday life, you can trust Her. Well, as regards winning the bike, even if you don’t, how does it matter? It is not incorrect to be focused on your goal, but if your desire is solely the result you will miss out on all the learning of the journey. It is not only reaching your goal that matters, how you reach the goal also matters. Today, you have already earned something more precious, a treasure that you have deep within you, a wealth you can tap into any time you wish. You just have to close your eyes, meditate in the space of your innermost core and you will find there a magnificent friend who will help you every day – your very own heart!”

Sheer Brute Strength felt light and content; he was already starting to become as tranquil as the river. And the bike? Ah, well I don’t think the bike mattered any more to him. If you were Sheer Brute Strength would it matter to you so much after such a beautiful experience?

Illustrations by THOMAS KLEIN

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  1. Excellent story – a must read

  2. Avatar Flore Moulin : July 20, 2017 at 8:13 am

    Brilliant story ! Inspiring and beautifully written. Looking forward to new ones. Thank you.

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