Handirubvi in blue


ASHA ELANA CASEY is a contemporary painter, mixed media artist and arts educator. At the center of her mixed media practice is the idea that spirituality is the point of healing for people of African origin. She currently lives and works in Washington, DC. For more information visit www.elanacaseystudio.com.

While creating ‘Handirubvi in Blue’, I was considering the spiritual implications of blue in world religions. Mostly I was reflecting on the reverence the gem lapis lazuli held and the image of the Mandorla in Christianity.

My hope is that by using multiple symbols from different religions I can create art that is a center of healing for people of African descent. Generally my art is the amalgamation of symbols of the spiritual practices of African people, most of which stem from Akan, Ifa and Christian cosmology.

These symbols are used to portray women as deities, spiritual workers, enlightenment seekers, and ancestors.

Ancestor veneration and cosmograms permeate the work. The cosmograms take the form of geometric abstractions. They illustrate meditation, inner healing and a visual interpretation of the universe. Various texts by African-American authors and feminists influence the process as well.

Art and article by ASHA ELANA CASEY

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