Matter, energy and the absolute state

Matter, energy and the absolute state

The Evolution of Consciousness

DAAJI explores the various states of existence in the universe and in the make-up of the human body. What is the role of consciousness in all this?

Movement and stillness

As we have seen earlier, the causal body is the center of our being, around which we have the subtle body or mind. Within this subtle body the main canvas is our consciousness upon which the other three functions play out: the ego, then the intellect, and then the thinking mind, from the center outwards to the surface level of conscious thinking.

Faster than the speed
of light is thought. It can
take light years for light
to reach another galaxy,
but the mind can reach
there in no time at all. And
consciousness is different
again: consciousness
is always there. There
is no effort involved.
Consciousness is not
limited by space and time.

Beyond the subtle body, the physical body is then outermost, the most solid, material aspect of the layers that make up our being. We can understand the physical body with reference to the senses: it is through our senses that our physical being relates to the world around us.

We can understand the mind with respect to its faculty of thinking, as thought is the energetic expression of the subtle body. As we go deeper into the levels of the mind, we discover feeling, intuition, inspiration, and eventually the pure identity associated with the most refined ego.

We can understand the soul, the causal body, through its quality of inactivity. This also means it resists movement, and yet the nature of the soul is movement. This appears to be a paradox: movement and inactivity both define the soul. What is the meaning of this paradox?

Let’s look at it from a few perspectives. …

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Kamlesh D. Patel

About Kamlesh D. Patel

Kamlesh Patel is the world teacher of Heartfulness, and the fourth spiritual Guide in the Sahaj Marg system of Raja Yoga. He oversees Heartfulness centers and ashrams in over 130 countries, and guides the thousands of certified Heartfulness trainers who are permitted to impart Yogic Transmission under his care. Known to many as Daaji, he is also an innovator and researcher, equally at home in the inner world of spirituality and the outer world of science, blending the two into transcendental research on the evolution of consciousness, and expanding our understanding of the purpose of human existence to a new level.

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December 02, 2017

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