Quest for existence


No I don’t agree on everything the world says,
I don’t go where the herd marches,
Unless I am convinced with the heart that the person or place is right.
No I don’t mould according to situation, unless my heart feels it’s worth a strike.

Yes I risk being alone, I don’t mind to be shattered within,
because I know deep within there exists love,
but certainly I can’t settle for superficial things.

I love people who speak from their heart,
I love the simplicity of an honest answer,
I love the fact that humanity is the only rule we need,
and I love to love the love for philosophies so deep.

I don’t get it when people forget we are all the same,
Why is there a thing called superior or inferior, good or bad, right or wrong?
Why do we always judge the truth with appearance or shade?

Call me weird but I can’t be bound by superficial acts.
I don’t get swayed by enormous charm,
I don’t get affected by any power or game or fame or fortune.

I only listen to the voice that holds me tight when I really need.
I want to think of only my beloved within and all the world appears to be an illusion.

Slowly the world is changing and how I wish there comes more genuineness and humility.
How I wish that love prevails before any other emotion.
How I wish I could just emerge out of me to merge with the subtlest.

I pray to God for more love around, for more hearts to heal and more and more depth to be seen. There is purity in every single cell.
How I wish we unravel the layers and be the purest that we used to be.


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