Rising above inner turmoil

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DURGA NATARAJAN shares her favorite tips on how she handles inner turmoil and regains a sense of well-being.

Many times I find that we cope with stress, anxiety, and inner restlessness by indulging in things outside ourselves. The other day after work, a friend of mine had come home to chat about some issues she was going through. As I was showering, I heard her singing a melancholy Hindi film song downstairs. Her voice grew louder or softer depending on the thoughts in her mind, and I felt heavy in the heart listening to her singing. I could feel that she was trying to keep her mind from wandering into the multitude of family and career issues she had on her plate.

Retail therapy is another well-known way that we try to forget about problems, but again, how well does it work? These behaviors are just symptoms of our inner disturbance, our way of trying to cope with feeling uncomfortable, so how to treat the underlying cause? Our inner apparatus goes through a lot of wear and tear, just like our bodies, and often needs attention from us.

When inner turmoil strikes, here are some things that have worked for me:

Relax and calm yourself down.

Sit quietly and connect with your inner self.

For some time of the day, don’t indulge in any activity. Just be in the moment.

When you feel a little better, get up and analyze the situation. It’s not always as bad as it seems. Acceptance changes the situation a lot as you start feeling it can be dealt with.

Find out the pros and cons, and what can be done in the present moment.

Listen to your heart’s guidance on what to do and follow it.

In a nutshell, treat it internally. It will take you a long way.


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