Dear children,

Have you ever wondered whether you smile because you are happy, or you are happy because you have smiled? The movements of joy produce joy.

And here we have this great word, Joy. Do not hesitate to put a capital letter!

Did you know that while you use around 43 muscles to frown, only 17 muscles participate in a smile on your face?

Last but not least, what does the smile of another person convey to you?

Well, we have a wide range of smiles at our disposal:

So can we say that a smile reflects the heart of a person? Is it unique to that person? Think about it.

A smile has several benefits:

It relaxes both the person who smiles as well as the person who receives it.

When you are in pain, try smiling and observe how it reduces the sensation of pain.

Smiling is contagious: smile and the world smiles with you!


Try this simple and fantastic experiment at school, home or even while walking on the street:

Be still for a few moments, close your eyes, and dive within your heart space. Feel that particular smile which not only stays on your lips but also rings tiny bells and sparkles in your chest.

Then open your eyes and let this smile and the feeling of joy stay with you. Share it with the people  you meet.

Observe how many people smile back at you.

Maybe you will even observe that they carry on smiling at others. You might very well have changed their day.


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