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This is a very simple origami activity that will allow you to create a great heart bookmark for your favorite book in less than 5 minutes. What you need: Craft paper, any color, with patterns if you want. What to do: Take a sheet of paper 6cm x 12cm. If you change the size, the smaller side is always half the Fold your paper lengthways down the middle. Fold the right side of your paper into the middle of the band as shown in drawing 2. Then do the same for the......

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Love and meditation

THÉOPHILE L’ANCIEN shares some practical wisdom about love. Theophile the Younger Tell me more about meditation. What should one do after meditating? Theophile the Elder We should never abruptly cut meditation. When surfacing from the...

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The Art of Not Judging

HARPREET KALRA explores what is beyond judgement. In mathematical calculus, the act of integration is done by reversing the act of differentiation. If we apply the same principle to ‘one world, one humanity’, then...

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