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Commit to never-ending self-improvement Excel in everything I do Love myself first and extend my love to others Enjoy my achievements as well as the process Believe everything is going to be fine in the end Be responsible for all my decisions Avoid negative energy but still be compassionate Trust people’s actions, not their words Imagine I am a child of the Universe and I belong to a big supportive family Never give up my dreams Be grateful for this life journey Jessica D. Pang About Editor More Posts (584)...

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Amazing flowers

For thousands of years flowers have been used as medicines to cure human diseases. In the 1920s, a London doctor decided to explore the healing properties of flowers systematically and scientifically, and his discoveries...

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In Truth – Haiku

Exploring untruth Isn’t enough; in truth, it Must be discovered ~ Questioning: a means To deliver you back to Yourself, to meaning ~ Each thing once seen is Itself, without split image: That stillness...

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