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ROSALIND PEARMAIN shares her experience of tuning in to others. Think of the heart as an infinitely expanding space. Can anyone limit their capacity to love or care about others or nature or animals? This is the most special surprise about the heart. Mystics have always told us that it is an infinite space that can contain the universe. Now we can all make the same discovery quite easily. Start by simply bringing consciousness to the area of the heart in our chest. Suppose that the Source of Light of our existence,......

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A child at the core

SHRUTI PANDEY discovers the joys and responsibilities of new parenthood, and sees the opportunities for her own growth. Three years back, I could have never imagined that my life would change so much. In...

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Love and meditation

THÉOPHILE L’ANCIEN shares some practical wisdom about love. Theophile the Younger Tell me more about meditation. What should one do after meditating? Theophile the Elder We should never abruptly cut meditation. When surfacing from the...

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Children and Death

DR HESTER O CONNOR shares some tips on how to support children after a death in the family. When someone in the family dies, it can be daunting for parents to manage their own...

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The Art of Not Judging

HARPREET KALRA explores what is beyond judgement. In mathematical calculus, the act of integration is done by reversing the act of differentiation. If we apply the same principle to ‘one world, one humanity’, then...

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