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THÉOPHILE L’ANCIEN shares some practical wisdom about love. Theophile the Younger Tell me more about meditation. What should one do after meditating? Theophile the Elder We should never abruptly cut meditation. When surfacing from the depths of the heart, we are delighted by the spiritual atmosphere. It is made ours by our consciousness. Integrate it quietly, allowing this subtle vibration to fill the whole of your inner space. Let’s try together, if you wish. Gently close your eyes and immerse yourself in the depths of your heart. Let its bright abysses inspire you.......

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Wax on. Wax off.

In this interview, CHRIS MILLS shares with us his ideas on bringing heart back into corporate culture. I don’t approach work, family life and spiritual life as being separate and different from each other....

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The Joys of Being Simple

GERALDINE HAKEWILL talks about the importance of balance and simplicity in her life on the road as an actor. Q: You recently finished filming your breakout television role as a lead on the new Australian...

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