The stillness paradox

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In 2017, KAMLESH D. PATEL continues his series on the evolution of consciousness, with an article on the paradox of stillness that manifests with an expanding and evolving consciousness.

Series: The Evolution of Consciousness

He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in
awe, is as good as dead; his eyes are closed.
—Albert Einstein

The above quote of Einstein resonates with some ideas I have been thinking about lately on consciousness. Imagine a beautiful flower blooming in the garden. If you run past it you will not be able to appreciate its beauty, whereas if you are walking by you can enjoy it more, and if you stand still in front of it you will appreciate its beauty even more. If you are flying, then you will not even see the flower below you on the earth. So when we are moving rapidly, we miss out on many things.

The mind is even faster than any physical movement. When the mind is moving rapidly from one object to another, one subject to another, one venture to another, what you miss is the blooming of the flower that is inside you. You are not merely missing out on the details, you miss out completely on the existence of the flower itself.

Now what is that flower? It is your soul.

Let’s explore this idea further and ask a question: is it possible to move at speed and still be present in each moment? Can we reach a critical speed where we stand still in movement?

To understand this better, let’s revisit the diagram we have of the various bodies of a human being.

The soul is the center of our being, around which we have the four main subtle bodies that we know as the mind. The first is consciousness, the canvas that is the field or fabric of the subtle body. Then there is the ego, which is our identity, so it is also deeply entwined with the individual soul. Then comes intellect, which allows us to discern and make choices, and then at the surface level of the mind we have the thinking function. And then there is the physical body, which is the outermost layer.

Now settledness does not mean inactivity;
in fact it is activity at a dimension
we have never conceived of before.

If noticed keenly, it is always the ‘subtle’ that supports the ‘less subtle’ in its wake. The soul is the subtlest, followed by consciousness, ego, intellect, mind and finally the physical body, and hence the origin of the sequence in the order mentioned above.

Think of a wheel. The very centre of the wheel is quite steady, without movement, whereas the circumference of the wheel experiences maximum movement. Similarly, the center of a tornado, the eye, is in utter stillness. If you want to be calm, position yourself in the center of the tornado and keep moving along with it, and then nothing will affect you.

And what is our center, around which the vortex of life exists? …

Stillness Paradox

Read the complete article in Volume 2, Issue 1


Article by Kamlesh D. Patel

Kamlesh D. Patel

About Kamlesh D. Patel

Embracing the many roles of a modern-day spiritual Guide, you will find Kamlesh Patel equally at home meditating with a group of followers in the sublime stillness of a Himalayan ashram, teaching thousands of people to meditate at an international conference in Lyon France or Los Angeles California, addressing recruits in a police academy in Delhi and sharing tips on life skills with students at a high school campus in Mumbai.Known to many as Daaji, he has that rare and beautiful blend of eastern heart and western mind that allows him to dive deep into the centre of his existence in the heart, and simultaneously have a scientific approach to original research in the field of meditation, spirituality and human evolution.As President of the Heartfulness Institute and the fourth spiritual Guide in the Sahaj Marg system of Raja Yoga, Daaji oversees Heartfulness centers and ashrams in over 130 countries, and guides the 8,000+ certified trainers who are permitted to impart Yogic Transmission under his care.


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