An Experience in Meditation


ELIZABETH DENLEY experiences the effects of yogic transmission during a group meditation session.

There is so much written these days about the benefits of meditation – peace of mind, clear thinking, lowered blood pressure and changes in brain wave patterns. All that is wonderful, no doubt, but it is only the tip of the iceberg.

After many years of meditating with Yogic Transmission, every day unveils more of the journey of infinite discovery and expansion of consciousness into unknown realms.

Here is an example of one experience a couple of months back, during a group meditation session in the centre down the road from my home. This is what I wrote in my diary after the meditation was finished:

This meditation triggered something. Lately, I have observed a definite qualitative shift, and today something crystallised.

After many years of meditating with Yogic Transmission,
every day unveils more of the journey of infinite discovery and
expansion of consciousness into unknown realms.

These days I see the spiritual journey differently. I used to visualize it like a spiral movement, from where my consciousness is now towards the Source. Now it appears totally different: like ever-expanding dimensions, no longer unidirectional. It covers a greater and greater field. Figuratively the movement goes from the heart to the current position in the journey, and beyond, and back into the heart again and again. More and more is unveiled with each tiny step.

There is both expansion and contraction – expansion towards the infinite, and contraction towards zero. Both are necessary and complementary. Out into the field of consciousness from the centre of the heart, and back into the centre of the heart.

It is expansion of consciousness into a different type of existence. I can’t even call it a qualitative shift, because that would mean there are qualities. It is like describing the atmosphere in outer space in comparison to the atmosphere just above the Earth. They are both atmosphere yet totally different.

There is both expansion and contraction
– expansion towards the infinite,
and contraction towards zero.
Both are necessary and complementary.

What is changing tangibly at the present time is the experience of love, faith and devotion. For example, I used to enjoy Rumi’s poetry about his love for Shams so much, but now that intoxication of love he describes feels too indulgent. I am not being disrespectful, it is just that in that state of love the ego feels so good, and there is intoxication in loving the Guru. The feeling is so blissful that it is easy to be attached to that bliss. Tonight that bliss is also a burden. The real etiquette with the Guru is something so much higher and finer than I ever imagined before.

This inner state is neither love nor not love, faith nor not faith. Why is faith needed when Divinity is everywhere in everything? Devotion, faith and love propel us and direct us, and help us to hold on when needed, but they are only a means. They have to become finer and finer until they exist only in the most sublime, subtle fragrance so potent and infinitesimal that it pulls us inwards. These noble qualities should not divert consciousness away from the Centre; they should not have any weight, even if it is sweet weight. What matters is what is beyond them, what is Real.

This inner state is so natural, so simple, where everything is perfect in and of itself.


Elizabeth Denley

About Elizabeth Denley

Elizabeth is originally from Australia, and is the founding editor of Heartfulness Magazine. She loves meditating, writing, singing, playing the piano, gardening, thinking, spending time with her two grown up children, and life in general. She is active in researching and publishing the writings of the Heartfulness masters of the 20th and 21st centuries. She considers every moment of every day to be precious.

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  1. Avatar Paul Sigmundson : May 4, 2016 at 1:14 pm

    Thanks for the article, Elizabeth. It touches on the etiquette of spiritual love which must be so light, fine and calm, without any force or expectation that it can fade from consciousness. At the same time, it is so intimately a part of you that it’s familiarity is like an old friend.

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