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Kathleen Scarboro
Kathleen Scarboro

When Kathleen received her first commission for a mural painting from The Public Art Workshop of Chicago, it was the beginning of a lifelong career in public art. Her series of Reunion Island paintings were exhibited over a nine-month period in the main hall of the Museum of Mankind in Paris, and currently she is working on a book entitled Painting India: Women and Color with Catherine Servan-Schreiber and Deva Villeroy, wherein reproductions of her paintings will be accompanied with quotes derived from the works of talented Indian writers of the past and present on the themes developed in the paintings.

April 2019, Taste of life

Cultural identity

An Art Essay by the Joliet Mural Artists KATHLEEN SCARBORO is one of a school of artists who have developed the ‘Joliet style’ of mural painting in Joliet, Illinois, near...

April 02, 2019