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Megha Bajaj
Megha Bajaj

An award-winning author, film writer and revolutionary educator, Megha Bajaj is the co-founder of Miraaya Holistic Growth Center, a premier and one-of-a-kind organization whose ‘soul’ purpose is to prepare children to be life-ready and not just exam-ready. With over 25,000 followers on her social network pages and two popular books in her name, Megha believes that her journey as a seeker has just begun. Her writings are soothing and inspiring in a way that they touch and evoke responses from deep within.

Be inspired, June 2018

When I walk , I walk

MEGHA BAJAJ tells a beautiful simple story about a monk and his disciples, and relates this to her own experiences of the power of now, the present. Stories can teach...

June 01, 2018