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Rosalind Pearmain, Ph.D.
Rosalind Pearmain, Ph.D.

Rosalind lives in Abingdon near Oxford, UK, and has worked with groups of all ages during her working life. She has always been interested in how we can change and transform. In recent years she has been teaching psychotherapy and qualitative research and is a Heartfulness trainer.

April 2019, Focus

The beauty of unfolding consciousness

ROSALIND PEARMAIN shares feelings and experiences about how consciousness evolves in the heart through human life, and how meditation allows us to access those subtler states of fluid being we...

April 02, 2019
March 2019, Taste of life, VOLUME 4

Heart roots

ROSALIND PEARMAIN looks at the emotional issues facing young people today, and shares her research findings on the importance of feeling safe and grounding ourselves in the inner shelter of...

March 04, 2019
Self, Volume 2-Issue 11

What gives meaning to life?

ROSALIND PEARMAIN shares her experience of what brings meaning, depth and purpose to everyday living. Like so many precious projects on our Earth, in a local small town there exists...

November 01, 2017
Issue 6, Work

Silver and Water

Miriam Hanid and Jamie Drew live in Suffolk, UK, and have been involved in meditation and music since their teenage years. They met in a heavy metal club ‘in their...

March 29, 2016
Issue 3, Self


ROSALIND PEARMAIN shares some observations and insights into how our minds work in day-to-day life, and the quality of consciousness that results from calming the mind. As soon as we...

January 02, 2016