KATE MARTIN is an abstract artist, who has been painting professionally for the last year and a half. She also does custom commission pieces. You may contact her at or via instagram @coloursbykate.

Color has always been a huge part of my life. Growing up in a family painting business and helping my father select colors for his clients started my passion and love for color. I find so much joy in being able to create artwork that will bring color into the lives of others too. The style of painting I enjoy the most is abstract, mostly water inspired, whether it be ocean, waves or just fluid motion. I also enjoy incorporating floral designs.

When beginning a new piece there is no premeditated design. I may have certain colors I would like to use or try, but once I begin that all falls away and I pour out what is in me onto the canvas. I enjoy experimenting with different media and pushing them to uncover new and exciting results.

I was recently asked to use the experience of a ‘salt float’ as inspiration to create a piece of art. When I was in the tank lying weightless, a feeling of peace came over me. As the negativity of thoughts tried to creep in, the feeling of peace took over and blocked those bad vibes. It was a wonderful feeling. I used that hour to pray and be thankful as I reflected on the blessing of life.

I then created ‘Beyond’ using Acrylic High Flow, medium bodied acrylic and spray paints, by applying paint in a  watercolor style. Lots of watery layers. It gives a feeling of light, air, peace, joy and warmth.

Art and article by KATE MARTIN

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