Bhikku monks



The Buddha said: These four are the foodstuffs, ye bhikkus, which sustain the creatures that are born, and benefit the creatures that seek rebirth. The first is edible food, coarse or fine; touch is the second; the thinking capacity of the mind is the third; and the fourth is consciousness.

Understand that you own nothing; everything that surrounds you is temporary; only the love in your heart will last forever.

Whatever is not yours, let go of it. Your letting go will be for your long-term benefit and happiness.

Art and article by NAREN KINI


About Narendra

Narendra lives in California and is an avid Raja Yoga practitioner. He is the co-founder and CEO of Global Touchpoints, and is involved in Real Time Analytics. One of two identical twins, he believes in spiritual, emotional, mental and physical balance. He loves music, writing and sketching. His illustrations have been rendered in the book Karmic Rhapsody, authored by his daughter.

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