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The art of removing and creating habits – part 4

Last month, DAAJI explored the yogic wisdom around creating the habit of truth and authenticity, by studying the second Yama, known as satya. This month, he focuses on the third Yama – asteya, meaning to remove the habit of stealing and taking anything that is not ours. GENEROSITY & NOT STEALING Previously, we have explored ahimsa, the removal of all forms of violence, forcefulness and imposition in our character, and satya, the removal of the programs of falsity that prevent us from being authentic and truthful. This month we explore the third......

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The stillness paradox

The Evolution of Consciousness Series In 2017, in his series on the evolution of consciousness, Daaji shared this article on the paradox of stillness that manifests with an expanding and evolving consciousness. He who can...

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