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The Rhythm of NATURE

ANDREAS KRAMER looks at natural cycles, and how our practice can be most in tune with those cycles. “It is a scientific principle upon which the division of the timings for puja and sandhya is based in accordance with the natural effect of the time.” —Babuji If we look at the movement of the sun during 24 hours, and draw a diagram with the zero-level corresponding to the horizon, we get a curve like a sine wave. This shows a continuously repeated pattern of day and night (figure 1). The first twelve hours are full of......

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Yogic psychology

Have you ever thought to explore psychology through Yoga? It is a vast science of the subtle bodies and the soul, leading us to explore where consciousness stems from, and what causes changes in...

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Points of Stillness

Points of stillness

ZEBEDEE ALBY inspires us with his experience of literature and meditation practice, especially meditating in a group. In everyone’s life there are difficult times. This is how the medieval Italian poet Dante described his...

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Solo Traveler

Solo traveler

PRATHIMA BEKKAM takes us on a journey. It is a journey like no other, costs nothing, requires no special planning or luggage, and is filled with treasure. Are you an itinerant? Imagine if you...

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The principle of purity

VICTOR KANNAN inspires us to cultivate our original state of purity and simplicity. I am intrigued to see new brands of clothing, nutrition and perfume called ‘Purity’ and ‘Pure’. Despite this trend, I feel...

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