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November 1, 2017
My little family and I took advantage of the holidays to turn ourselves into explorers. Africa. An expedition to Nigeria to find Lake Chad. Our SUV was stuck! We continued on foot to find help. Nothing. No one. We thought we were close to Lake Chad and our map showed the village of Blangoua, near... View Article
October 31, 2017
How often do you observe the things your family and your local community throw out in the trash? What sort of things can you find? Paper, plastic, food, old furniture, magazines, newspapers, clothes, branches and leaves from the garden? Make a list. When you have some time, see what you can make from these things... View Article
October 31, 2017
Once upon a time, there was a rich, kind and blissful merchant, Boniface, who lived in a village near Montpellier in France. His childhood friend, Philibert, the clog maker, lived at the other end of the village. They were very fond of each other and they really appreciated being together. But times were hard for... View Article
October 3, 2017
Dear children, Have you ever wondered whether you smile because you are happy, or you are happy because you have smiled? The movements of joy produce joy. And here we have this great word, Joy. Do not hesitate to put a capital letter! Did you know that while you use around 43 muscles to frown,... View Article
September 2, 2017
Pure Generous Heart: you may be thinking, “Now that’s an odd name.” Well, I must admit it is, but in these stories you will see his big heart, which is beautiful, pristine, generous, compassionate and loving. It is our heart that is our best friend. In times of sorrow it comforts us, in times of... View Article
September 2, 2017
On the 21 September we celebrate International Day of Peace. Would you like to be an agent of peace in your own school or at home? Would you like to ‘walk the peace path’? This is what you will need: 6 big paper sheets – A1 is a great size. You can also use recycled... View Article