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September 2, 2017
Pure Generous Heart: you may be thinking, “Now that’s an odd name.” Well, I must admit it is, but in these stories you will see his big heart, which is beautiful, pristine, generous, compassionate and loving. It is our heart that is our best friend. In times of sorrow it comforts us, in times of... View Article
September 2, 2017
On the 21 September we celebrate International Day of Peace. Would you like to be an agent of peace in your own school or at home? Would you like to ‘walk the peace path’? This is what you will need: 6 big paper sheets – A1 is a great size. You can also use recycled... View Article
August 17, 2017
William was the son of a famous billionaire who owned a vast property on the beach in Goa. William loved his garden. A large carpet of roses, each more beautiful than the last, lay amidst lotuses, magnolias and birds of paradise. Once, as he was about to pick one of his most beautiful roses, he... View Article
August 1, 2017
Would you like to make a baking-soda motorboat? Well, it’s not listed as a sustainable energy, but it works fine in your kitchen. This is how you do it. You will need One plastic, Styrofoam or bamboo plate (e.g. the packaging tray for dried fruits) One plastic cap of a bottle One straw Electrical tape... View Article
July 1, 2017
Is there someone whose face you would love to draw or paint? It can be someone you know or someone you don’t know. Either find the person and ask if you can paint them, or use a photo of the person. What matters is that the face of the person should attract you in some... View Article
July 1, 2017
In the previous episode, the three Canfield brothers took the trains that would take them from Montpellier to Marvejols in the Lozère district of southern France. Polo had told the story of his dog’s faithful friendship, Jack had told them how he had recovered his golden speech, and Danny described how he had been in... View Article