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June 1, 2022
AN ART ESSAY CHRISTIAN MACKETANZ explains the creative process behind the paintings in his exhibition. The content of my paintings has always been our human traits. The best human qualities are found as well as our basest weaknesses; simply everything that affects us both externally and internally. The people in my pictures are making honest... View Article
May 2, 2022
CLAYTON JOHN writes about his approach to art and spirituality and the techniques he is using to create his latest series, Imaginata Australis. An Art Essay A wise person once told me that the artistic inclination stands just shy of the spiritual. Unfortunately, for many years I perceived that comment in a negative light, construing... View Article
April 2, 2022
DR. V. RAMAKANTHA retells the legend of Savithri and Satyavan, which is centered around the Banyan tree, also known as the Tree of Life in India. The story is accompanied by a beautiful mural by the German artist, CHRISTIAN MACKETANZ. The Banyan tree is an evergreen fig which is known in Hindu mythology as the... View Article
March 22, 2022
HARPREET BHAN experiments with some simple plays on words in order to explore the profound meaning that words can sometimes offer us. The veil is lifting and all that is evil or vile in me is being expunged.As I am refined, transformed by the live transmission pouring into me,I finally begin to live. The above... View Article