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May 31, 2021
NARENDRA KINI uses the simple analogy of a mechanical flywheel to help us understand the role of meditation in generating love and positive feelings. What is a flywheel? A flywheel is essentially a very heavy wheel that takes a lot of force to spin around. So, when it is spinning at high speed it tends... View Article
May 1, 2021
BRIAN JONES explores unity in a world full of challenges and diversity. Through different analogies and his own personal experience with meditation, he finds effective ways to achieve unity through the silence of the heart. It was a long flight from Los Angeles to Singapore. Somewhere over the Pacific Ocean I took another one of... View Article
May 1, 2021
JUST THINKING AND FEELING DR. ICHAK ADIZES shares what true success really means and what is needed to find success in everything we do. My son was visiting me. Sitting next to the pool on my ranch, surrounded by the beautiful valley and the high mountains beyond, he said, “Daddy, you made it.” I’ve been... View Article
April 30, 2021
April 1, 2021
SAM RAPOPORT has always loved the Great Outdoors, but thanks to COVID and a new friend, he discovers how to appreciate Nature closer to home, even in his own backyard. It also had an impact on his own inner world, the Great Inner Space. I found my favorite T-shirt in a thrift store, faded red... View Article
April 1, 2021
MARGARET SCHENKMAN is a nature lover, who has also learnt to embrace her inner nature through meditation. Here she explores the path of bringing balance and harmony between the inner and the outer worlds, and thus going further along the path to being in tune with Nature. Growing up, I loved being outdoors – rolling... View Article