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May 24, 2022
CHRISTINE PRISLAND finds humor in the challenges experienced in marriage, thanks to some well-timed advice that put everything into perspective. Cultural diversity comes in many shapes, forms, actions, and reactions in all relationships, and it is not always visible or apparent. My husband grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. I was born to an... View Article
May 2, 2022
ELIZABETH DENLEY looks back on her childhood, which kindled an awareness and interest in cultural diversity. She offers some key learnings from those formative years that have helped her to embrace the possibility of humanity coming together in kinship, mutual love and respect. Growing up in a steel town in Australia after the Second World... View Article
May 2, 2022
TREVOR WELTMAN (American) and VAN LE (Vietnamese) have been married for seven years. After living in Vietnam and Thailand, they currently live in the US with their two young daughters. We recently reached out to them for their perspective on intercultural marriage. Here is what they sent. V: Hey, so Heartfulness Magazine asked if we... View Article
May 2, 2022
May 2, 2022
KALYANI ADUSUMILLI grew up in a minority group in the United States, straddling cultures, learning how to fit in, and later learning how to accept the traditions of her heritage. Today, she is watching her children going through the same process, shifting their cultural identity, as they head toward adulthood in the melting pot of... View Article
April 2, 2022
WILLIAM URY is an author, anthropologist, and one of the world’s leading negotiators and mediators. He has spent his life building bridges in conflict situations and teaching other people how to do the same. His book, Getting to Yes, is a worldwide bestseller, translated into thirty-five languages. This is part 3 of an interview conducted... View Article